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Featured — Trapper Sherwood

The Open Championship And Reishi Coffee

Golf and coffee.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love those two things. And cigars I might I add.

Sunday July 18th, 2010 had the makings for an incredible Sunday, and I was going to do my best to make it so!

First of all, from across the pond was the 150th Open Golf Championship. Years ago some folks used to refer to it as “The British Open.”

So my game plan for this Sunday morning was a very simple plan of attack. TV dialed into the Open Championship, my favorite recliner and coffee.

So as the tv came on, and I contemplated my coffee selection for the day, I KNEW what I wanted to drink. I met a couple of ladies at Pat O’Bryan’s Unseminar 8 giving away sample of this coffee they claimed was a “Superfood.” Well, as much as I like coffee, I was in. I introduced myself, we exchanged cards, and I received my packets.

Debra and Joanne from were as nice as two people can be. They explained that their coffee had a particular type of mushroom from from China called the Reishi Red Mushroom and it was known as the “Super Food Of The Emperors” back in the day. It was crowned the Miraculous King of the Herbs by the Ancient Chinese.

So I felt pretty special as I made my morning coffee. I must admit I really didn’t know what to expect from this enriched superfood coffee.

Today I was trying the GranoCafe Mocha, and like the other five varieties, it is suppose to have over 100 antioxidents. Cool.

Well, I am a black coffee drinker, except for an occasional cappuccino, usually always just black for me. I say that cause this mocha was premixed with a bit of cream and sugar. Ah what the hell, let’s give it a shot!

Verdict? Pretty tasty. Good mocha flavor as expected, and not over done with cream or sugar. Most importantly NO mushroom taste or flavor in case you were wondering.

I’d drink it again, and I probably will. Heck with the antioxidants, it might even be good for me!

So with coffee in hand, and satisfied that it was worthy of my professional coffee tasting taste buds, my attention turned to the final round of the Open Championship being played at St Andrew’s; the old course in Scotland.

A young man from South Africa; Louis Oosthuizen and an Englishman Paul Casey were in the final group pairings and I really thought I would see a blow by blow heavy weight bout between these two. Meaning which one would blink first, and would one fold under the tremendous pressure these two golfers were going to be under.

As the final round continued, and no one from behind these two in the field made a move up the leader board, Louis Oosthuizen just continued to play solid golf. Stripping his drives down the middle of the fairways, and not putting himself in bad situations.

Quite refreshing to see new blood in the golf world win a Major. His swing is very simple and flawless, and if there was any pressure on him, he never showed it. I believe he will be around for a long time.

Congtratulations to Louis Oosthuizen from South Africa on his win at the Open Championship.

Great golf, good coffee, great way to enjoy a Sunday!


Fourth Of July Afterthoughts

As we cruise into the rest of this work week following one of the biggest holiday’s in the United States of America, I want to share a few feelings brought up over the weekend.

First and foremost, I want to thank the members of our Armed Services; past and present for keeping a watchful eye over our country and keeping us FREE. I know sometimes it can be a very thankless job, but trust me, so many Americans are very thankful. Even the ones that want to bitch, moan & groan, you know deep down inside they are thankful too. So THANK YOU!

One of the things bothering the HELL out of me this past weekend is the carelessness use of fireworks. I know, I must be sounding like my Dad right now. But please hear me out on this.

In my county in the state of Tennessee fireworks are legal. You can buy them year round if you so desire. That’s cool. Nothing like exploding devices to rock a Holiday party, or whatever you are celebrating.

I would just like to see two things. Would you agree with me?

1. Please use some discretion. Just because they are legal, and you can fire them up anytime,  after 11:00 pm seems a little late. Especially if your neighbors have little children they are trying to get to sleep, and how about pets? Some of my friends have pets that are petrified of loud, exploding noises like fire works.

How about your neighbors? Do you even know them?

2. This really gets a burr under my saddle. Once again, in the state of Tennessee I would guess millions of dollars are spent on an advertisement program for putting a stop to littering. I’m all for it. I am sure other states have the same type of program. If they don’t they should.

But, for all the millions of dollars spent on asking people not to litter, it seems all is for not around our country’s birthday.

Maybe fireworks should come with a broom and dustpan.

I have been through numerous neighborhoods this past week, and especially this weekend, today included, and the amount of trash and debris left over from celebrating is horrendous.

Now, before you jump on my back, I know many people get out and clean up their mess.

For those people…Thank You.

This rant is for those that don’t.

If you can go out and shoot them off, you can  take some time the next morning and get outside and clean up your mess! Now I sound like my mother.

Anyways, as I said, I’m all about having fun, and hey, I like to party, just be considerate of your neighbors, and clean up your mess, and think twice before how “cool” it will be to light that” wicked cool thunder bomb window rattling” skyrocket or whatever they are called,  at midnight.

Oh, and be safe, fingers don’t and won’t grow back. Just sayin…


PS…love to read your comments.

City Slumber A Sleep Video

I am proud to combine the poetry of Mary McManus of and my voice in City Slumber, a poem about sleep.


Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood; CMH
Certified Master Hypnotist

Marlon Sanders Reveals The 7 New Rules of Selling In 2010


Marlon Sanders just released a brand new video.

It really opened my eyes.

It is called “the 7 New Rules of Selling In 2010”


On this video he covers these 7 new rules of marketing in 2010.

Rule Number One: The foundation of ALL marketing and selling in 2010 is the “Value Proposition”

Rule Number Two: There’s a proliferation of new products and services at hyperspeed

Rule Number Three: You don’t sell in a vacuum any longer.

Rule Number Four: You no longer sell a product or service. You sell a set of experiences.

Rule Number Five: The strategy is the same but the tactics have changed.

Rule Number Six: The new sales formula is based on creating and implementing a Value Proposition.

Rule Number Seven:
Marketers who win in 2010 must sell a superior set of experiences AND do a superior job of COMMUNICATING that set of superior experiences to the TARGET customers.

To view the video, go here:

Best Wishes,
Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood; CMH

By the way this changes everything about how you promote on Facebook,  Twitter, create products, teleseminars, webinars, sales letters and many other aspects of your business.

PS…I don’t know how long I’ll have this up so I recommend you watch it now:

Ever Noticed This About Marketing Guru’s?

Have you ever noticed how the marketing guru’s always seem to mention one niche in particular in their trainings. And that niche is….


Why do they do that?

It’s because golfers are high income earners and very passionate about their hobby. Golfers are hyper-responsive customers because they buy golf products over and over again.

Golf is the dream niche.

And here is a video that talks about the golf niche, how big it is and how you can cash in on it even if you know very little about golf…

It doesn’t matter if you’re not interested in golf… you can still make a lot of money from the golf niche because at the end of the day it all comes down to marketing.

When you watch that video you’ll find out that golf is going to boom from now until at least the next 10 years and if you want to cash in on it your first step is to go here and see why:

Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood; CMH

P.S. This video is only available for a short time. So go here to watch it and then subscribe to find out more. You’ll be glad you did.

You Will Love What These Guys Are Doing!

Re: Tons of self improvement gifts for you

I have more than 300 gifts for you today.

These are brought to you courtesy of a pair of my favorite marketers who are running a massive “mind and body” self improvement giveaway right now:

The Self Help Gifts Giveaway event is definitely one of the better giveaways that I have seen recently, and I think you will really enjoy what they have to offer.

I have checked the site for quality and it is a thumbs up from me. Self esteem expert Dr. Joe Rubino and fitness professional Carolyn Hansen have teamed up to produce a smorgasbord of self help gifts for you to choose from.

So what will you find once you get across to the event?

I saw downloadable ebooks, memberships, videos and audios, software, and e-courses.

These were on topics as diverse as parenting, relationships, health and fitness, stress management (always a good one!), working from home, business management, confidence building, and quite a few other self help categories.

The gifts cost nothing simply because events of this type are run with the aim of introducing you to a host of vendors of self improvement products who you would otherwise probably never get to come in contact with.

Here are some of my favorites, glanced while checking out the site (some perhaps tongue in cheek, I don’t know yet, but they had me intrigued):


Dr. Pat Allen and Don Schmincke’s:

What the good doctors say: “The Truth about Men will set you free… But first it’ll p*** you off! Discover how a man’s mind works during intimacy. Is dating often frustrating or painful? He’s not
doing it to you deliberately. Get the upper hand by knowing what men really think about on a date.”



Says Ty: “Listen as I interview New York Times bestselling author Bob Burg about how Go-Givers Sell More. If you want to increase your influence, your income and your impact with people – these 60 minutes will change your life!”


Lourdes Elardo-Gant’s:

Says Lourdes: “Follow my lead to magically manifest a million dollar husband – I did it and you can too!”


Meridith Alspektor’s:

Says Meridth: “You can master the balance between motherhood and being a moneymaker. This is a book for moms or women who would like to achieve a certain level of financial success, but are looking for the know-how, the mindset, and the right tools to find balance in their lives.”


Jim Donovan’s:

Got to at least love the title of this one!

Says Jim Donovan: “Published in multiple languages in more than 20 countries this book  has been read by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world, ordinary people, like you and me, who simply want a better and more satisfying life.”


Really, this event has something for everyone.

So create a new folder on your hard drive and get ready to start filling it with gifts that speak to you as you move through the pages of the giveaway.

Remember, there are hundreds of gifts to check out, and they are all 100 percent free. But the event will only be running for a few days so you will want to visit it before they close their doors.

Here’s the URL to the giveaway event again:

Have fun!
Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood

Self Help JV Opportunity


I just wanted to let ya’ll know about a rather unique self help gifts giveaway event that I was invited to participate in. I thought you might like to get your gift in too, and grab some subscribers.

On top of that you can also grab a TON of ebooks and software from the self improvement niches at no cost to you at all – perks of being a contributor!

The event itself is expected to get me anywhere from a few hundred to a couple of thousand new subscribers within just a few days.

Given that the event will be promoted probably more than 1,000,000 existing list subscribers I am confident that this is one event that is worth spending a few minutes to check out.

The promoters, Carolyn Hansen and Dr. Joe Rubino have asked me to get the word out to anyone who would like to participate in this giveaway venture…

To get your “By Invite Only” private JV details, just go here:

I should also point out that these guys appear to have gone to a lot of trouble to present an event that looks completely unique, so your prospects should really enjoy this one.

Also, they have a couple of great one time offers they will be presenting to the prospects – so you will be able to earn a very decent commission on the sales!

Note that there are only a few days remaining to get involved. This will be one of the BIG ones this year, so go check it out. You will be glad you did. Here’s that link again:

Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood

P.S. Adding your gift to the event is very easy. It’s all dynamic. You set the text and gift image yourself it it is automatically and instantly added to the list of gifts…

We Can Heal The Gulf Coast Together


I received this email earlier today from my good friend Dr. Joe Vitale; star of the movie “The Secret” and author of a Bunch of  books!

Anyways, he and another good friend of mine; Pat O’Bryan have put together a cool little audio so we can all come together and help heal our poor coastline of the dreaded BP Oil Spill.

Here’s the email in it’s entirety. Give it a read, and pick up their new audio..for FREE!

Come join me, listen and let’s clear the gulf together! Thanks!


It’s hard to miss the news about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

What can we do about it?

I’m taking a big risk in telling you about this, but I believe it’s worth it.


Here’s the story…

A few people wrote me, recalling that years ago I sent out an email inviting everyone to envision Hurricane Rita dissolving before it hit land.

Rita did in fact lessen in power as it hit.

A few others know about the Attract Miracles community I created with Craig Perrine to help people support each other to achieve their intentions.

Hundreds have been going there since we began it, and the results are a-maz-ing.

What you may not realize is that 23 scientific studies prove that when people focus on a common goal, using meditation to achieve inner peace, that goal tends to come about.

With all of that in mind, Pat O’Bryan and I created a special clearing audio designed to help Clear the Oil Spill.

And we’re giving it away.

The Clearing Oil Spill audio uses the same formula we’ve been using in all of our other clearing audios – my strategic statements and Pat’s original music – woven together using hi-tech equipment and breakthrough processes to speak right to your unconscious mind.

When you work with the unconscious, you also tap into the collective unconscious.

And that’s where we can impact the oil spill and anything else we perceive as bad.

Scoff if you like but we feel it’s at least worth a few minutes a day to listen to our special audio and let it help you clean the world from the inside out.

If nothing else, consider it a relaxing few moments for yourself.

And maybe, just maybe, it may heal the Gulf, and the Earth, as well.

It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Get the audio at —

And please tell others about it.

If you can forward this email to family and friends, Twitter it, Facebook it, blog it and anything else you can think of, it will help us all.

Again, it’s freeee.

Let’s make a difference.

It begins with you and me.

Will you help?



PS — For background on all of this, see

Follow me:


Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood; CMH

Follow me on twitter:

Happy Memorial Day


The start of summer 2k10 is upon us! Woo Hoo!

Course I’m talking about Memorial Day weekend here in the USA

Firs of all, as a Former Marine, I want to take a moment of silence and remember all the members of the Armed Services that have laid down their lives so we may still enjoy our freedom here in the USA. I also want to say “Thank You” to all the veterans that have served, and the members of our Armed Services that are currently serving. THANK YOU and I salute you!

Ok! Whatcha got going on this weekend?

Well, here’s a little inside look as to what the Trap will be up to this weekend.

Saturday morning tee time at Henry Horton state Park. Love this course. Great layout, some long par 4 and par 5’s and big enough greens that even I can hit them 🙂 And not as much roll and slope as Tartan Fields. Although I do miss playing with my buddy Paul Hobart.

From there it’s cooking/grilling out and some adult beverages and cigars 🙂

Well let’s talk about my cigars for this weekend. (For those of you who care.)

I have come across a supply of some of the most mouth watering cigars I can think of. Nothing fancy, but just thinking of them has me licking my lips in anticipation. These cigars have a Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper, with Dominican tobacco as it’s filler.

They are not harsh at all, even towards the end, and they burn surprisingly quite evenly. So I’ll be kicked backed Saturday evening enjoying those bad boys. Oh yeah, bringing a CAO Brazilia too. Awesome smoke!

Sunday will be more golf, followed by some pool time and yep, you guessed it, food, bevy’s and beer!

Monday will find me on Lake Barkley in KY, if the sunshine holds out.

I’ll fill you in on how that goes, but it usually is a rocking time!

So, what’s on your agenda? Please leave me a comment, love to know how you are kicking your summer off!

I’m out, be safe!

Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood ; CMH
“Stay Interesting My Friends”

PS….. One more quick note about our veterans. If you know a vet that is suffering from lack of sleep or insomnia due to PTSD, please point them to The page there explains how we intend to help them out. Thanks

Happy Mother’s Day

Create your own video slideshow at

To my Mum & all Mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day!