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Trapper Sherwood — Certified Hypnotist helping people live better lives...

Virtual Book Tour For Kate

Welcome to day #4 of my Virtual Book Tour for Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health.

What is a Virtual Book Tour, you may be asking? As an author of my upcoming book, I’ve looked into ways I can promote the book without breaking the bank. In fact, a Virtual Book Tour doesn’t cost anything. It’s a way to reach out to fellow bloggers, post on their blogs about my book, and drive traffic to their site all day.

It’s a win/win.

Publishing houses no longer do publicity for the books they are publishing, except for New World Library, perhaps. Since Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health will be published at the end of May, this will be a long Virtual Book Tour, giving me plenty of time to learn along the way.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Learning and growing as we seek Peace Of Mind in our lives.


I’d like you to stop by my author blog. There’s a lot going on there and we’ll have an opportunity to connect there. Please be sure to introduce yourself!

Kate has been a practicing RN/CRNP for 28 years, and currently acts as a Labor And Delivery Nurse, which is very special, indeed.

Additionally, Kate is planning further “Prayer Prescriptions” books surrounding aging gracefully and Prayer Prescriptions For The Love Of Our Companion Animals.

How To Avoid These Sticky Financial Situations

Let’s face it, when it comes to bad habits with our money, checking accounts and credit cards we’ve all been there.

It is easy to get into bad habits with our financial matters. I know of very few people that have enough money to simply buy what they want without a second thought. Most people have to plan their purchases and keep a close eye on their finances to keep themselves solvent.

Many people have bad habits of getting too far in debt with credit cards. The cards are easy to get. You can get a handful of Visas and Master Cards, an American Express Card, a Discovery Card, and several cards from retail stores without much effort. You don’t have to have much income to get these cards either.

None of the card companies seem to consider or care that you might have to pay payments to the other cards. Have you ever gotten one or two of these cards and said to yourself “I’ll just hold on to these cards just in case of an emergency.” That’s all well and good, but if you get into bad habits with them, you can end up spending them to their limits. You may reach a point where you cannot even make the minimum monthly payments.

You might be tempted to borrow money from relatives at a time like this, but that would be just another of type of bad habits. Relatives may want to help you from time to time but this would just get you into the bad habit of going to them each time you need money. Yet, there will come a day when the money will run out, or the situation will get old. The relative will not only discontinue “loaning” you the money, heck they might stop speaking to you as well. Especially if you haven’t paid them back from before.

When it comes to friends, both borrowing and lending money are bad habits. Just don’t do it. It puts a strain on the relationship that many friends can’t handle. One friend might forget how much was borrowed. Yet, there may be animosity if a written contract is suggested. You can rarely win when you get into this bad habit.

Many people get into trouble financially because the have the bad habit of not sitting down to make a budget. They have a general idea of where the money should go, but they really don’t. They may think they have it all in their brains. It never quite comes together, though, unless you put it on paper (or on a spreadsheet on a computer). Only then will you know you have everything included.

Most utility companies have a certain grace period before they will cut off service. Some people count on this grace period and get into bad habits when it comes to paying their utility bills. If you do this you put yourself in jeopardy of losing your lights or water. You also destroy your credit rating.

Some financial bad habits have to do with the way people manage their checking accounts. One thing people often do is to throw away paperwork they get when making transactions. Of course, there is a time to throw it away. Yet, until it is recorded into your account, you need to keep deposit, ATM, and debit slips to verify that the correct amount was taken out.

Some people even have the bad habits of not reconciling their checking accounts. There are so many software programs out there that can make it very easy on yourself. Use them. It is important to be sure that your account has in it what you think it should. For one thing, there is no better way to catch fraud.

Take charge of your money habits and make your life less stressful and more productive.

Grilling With Ali’s All Natural BBQ Sauce

Recently a good friend of mine from facebook; Alicia Leombruni launched a new line of All Natural BBQ sauces to compliment her already existing line of sugar free all natural pancake syrups over at Ali’s All Natural . So as a guy that LOVES to grill, when I saw this I knew I needed to order some as soon as possible! (I’d been wanting to order some of the Maple Flavored syrup for a while, so this gave me extra motivation!)

When the package arrived earlier this week, I ripped it open like a toddler with a buzz saw unwrapping Christmas presents!

Slowly unscrewing the cap once the bottle was unwrapped, I paused and let the natural flavors drift on up as I breathed it all in and then I poured just a bit into the cap. Using my pinky to dip into the sauce I lifted it up to my mouth, when the sauce first reached the tip of my tongue, I knew Ali had a winner.

What I immediately liked about the sauce was I could taste flavor right off the bat. It’s a mild smokey flavor with a hint of molasses and one of my other favorites; worcestershire. As  I poured that initial capful, I noticed that the sauce is not to thick, yet not runny. I knew it would hold onto whatever meat I would be grilling.

I was stoked!

Bring on the weekend!

Friday afternoon rolled around and I went to the market and picked up some spare ribs for Friday night, and some chicken drumsticks for Saturday.

As the ribs were close to being finished on the grill, I started to lay the sauce on. I’m not sure I cook correctly, but I haven’t killed myself either with my cooking. Just before the meat is done, I like to spread the sauce on one side, let it bake in for a few minutes, then roll them over, and coat the other side. Giving it another 10 minutes or so. Then when I pull the meat off, I coat both sides again with the sauce. As I said not sure I cook in accordance with others standard , but this works for me. The heat from the meat always warms the already room temperature sauce up and for me brings even more of the flavor out.

Diving into the ribs like a pig rolling around in the mud I was in hog heaven! I know at one time because of all the sauce I had in my beard it must have turned from its grey back to the homestyle bbq color. Yeah, it was that good!  Thank god no one else was around, cause I sure was making a mess!

Saturday afternoon adventures with the chicken went just as well. I smothered those wings in that sauce like a thick, foggy Tennessee morning. This sauce is very tasty and hard to believe it’s low in sugar. Heck I even dipped my tater tots into it!

Here’s another bonus; clean up was a cinch! Course it could have been because I pretty much licked the plates clean both nights! Anyways, I have used sauces that seemed kind of hard to wash off, not so with Ali’s, so for me that was another plus.

So all in all I give Ali and her All Natural Homestyle BBQ sauce a two sauce covered thumbs up!

But don’t take my word for get, get on over to Ali’s All Natural and order some for yourself. It’s worth it.


How Facebook Can Help Locksmiths

As a small business owner running my own locksmith company since 1994, one of my best form of marketing has been word of mouth marketing or referrals as some folks call it.

With the internet and social media so prevalent in society and everybody and their brother having a  “Facebook” account, well except for two people that I know, we have  had the opportunity to really take our businesses to a whole different level through the use of social media. But some folks are still just a little hesitant to take the plunge and emerge themselves with a Facebook Fan page for their business.

So, as the person in charge of interviews for I recently had the opportunity to interview the manager of the Social Media Channel of the magazine Locksmith Ledger International.

During this interview entitled; “Why having Facebook can be like referrals on steroids if done right” Ryan and I covered A LOT of of subjects to help our fellow locksmiths get started in the right direction.

1. Why should I use Facebook for my business?

2. How do I start my page?

3. What are the Rules of Engagement

4. Types of Engagement i.e. – types of updates, – audio, pictures, links, products, etc.

5. Monitor, Measure and Report

6. What do we see users potentially doing wrong?

As I said, we covered A LOT of topics in a short period of time.

Now, this interview was geared towards locksmiths, but in reality any business can take the techniques we discuss and put them to good use in their own field or industry.

Enjoy and good luck!

Trapper Sherwood

PS… we purposely did not cover everything. We want you to listen, comment on what you hear, and please ASK a question on something you would like covered. We will do a Q & A session specifically for those that ask the questions.

You Can Forgive To Win

Join me today as I interview Dr. Walter Jacobson, author of the brand new book; “Forgive to Win!”

When you re-program your mind to neutralize your negative, harsh Inner Critic, that voice inside yourself that subconsciously causes you to sabotage your opportunities and best efforts, EVERYTHING CHANGES!

Opportunities miraculously appear. Positive people are attracted to you who cooperate with you, share their blessings, and help you to succeed and prosper! There are NO LIMITS to what you can accomplish with Forgive to Win!”

Join us as we discuss;


* Myths and Misconceptions surrounding “Forgive to Win”

* Estimable Acts and how Easy they really are to carry out.

And much, much more in this fast paced 25 minute interview.

Click here order Dr. Jacobson’s book =>   Forgive To Win

Click the button below to listen to the podcast interview


Enjoy & Prosper,


The Times They Are A Changing

The times they are changing

They, whoever they are, say that the only thing constant is change.

And I have to agree with them.

The Who, in their teen anthem “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” sang “Change it had to come.”

Once again I agree.

So with me mentioning all this stuff about change, what does it have to do with me?

In a nutshell, A LOT.

You see, for the past seventeen years as a locksmith here in Middle Tennessee I have dedicated myself to keeping local businesses and homes safe and secure, and have opened many a car or truck that folks have locked themselves out of. By the way I will continue to do so for many more years.

For me a change started to happen a few years ago. A change that I have welcomed, and I am excited to take to the “next level.”

Many of you know my story that when I went through my divorce I lost sleep, and lots of it! I did find a way to cure myself of insomnia and sleepless nights, and I went on to record a worldwide selling audio that has helped countless people fall asleep at night, safe and all natural with no drugs.

It was after that  that my attention turned to learning even more about self-hypnosis and becoming a hypnotist. I accomplished that task after attending a Pat O’Bryan Unseminar and meeting Wendi Friesen who I studied under and became a certified master hypnotist (After thirty hours of classroom hours.) Since then I have continued my studies and have continued to create more and more audios that help people everyday.

But I have felt I am missing something. Something that has continue to brew inside of me like a tea kettle that is on the verge of singing.

Well, what am I singing???

I shall keep you in the dark no longer.

On Saturday October 1st, 2011 I shall open a small office for my hypnosis practice at Georgetown Park, Suite 07 in Murfreesboro Tennessee!

I’ll specialize in Stop Smoking sessions, but as many of you know I do additional work as well. Sleep issues come to mind, and so does stress relief!

I’ll have a number especially for my hypnosis clients 615 669-1361 and for right now, I’ll be open for sessions in the evening time.

I have had people ask me what does a locksmith have in common with a hypnotist, and all I can say is that both trades help people. At the end of the day, that really is what I like to do, help people.

So, please rejoice with me as I start another phase in this non-stop carousel of life that I am riding on!

Please feel free to tell all your friends, so if I can help them, I may do so.

I’ll still be doing my locksmith business, creating “Kick Ass” audios for sale and for free over the web and interviews, but I really feel that this one on one time to help folks quit smoking is really going to be a good thing.

Remember, if you want to change the world, start with yourself.

Because in the world of “Law of Attraction”, if there is no “Action” on your part, they’ll be no “Attraction” with whatever it is you so desire on God or the Universe’s part.



PS…Did I mention I’ll be having a book coming out soon? Oh, I didn’t. Well more on that at a later date. For now if you know folks in Middle Tennessee that have a desire to quit smoking for good, please have them call me. Thank You.

Hypnosis And Quitting Smoking

Matchstick Fire

We all know, these days, about nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum to wean you off cigarettes. But have you considered hypnosis?  Stop smoking with hypnosis clinics have helped many people quit smoking, as well.

Hypnosis completely changes the attitude of the smoker towards smoking. It can put an end to the inner desire of the smoker to light up. Once you’ve conquered that inner desire, you can quit smoking.

Also, rather than dragging on for months and months with nicotine doses through pills or chewing gum, hypnosis can help you cure the problem comparatively fast.

Success rates are quite high compared to just trying cold turkey. Also, in some samples, hypnosis has worked better than nicotine replacement therapy such as pills. The only drawback is that you may be afraid of hypnosis or have a personal belief against this practice. Do some research and find out who you can trust to use and exactly how it works. There’s nothing to lose by giving it a thought and everything to gain.


Have You Seen This App for Veterans Yet?

PTSD Coach

With the advances made in cell phones and “smart phones” I am sure you are aware of “Apps”

Apps are very cool, with something for everyone.

I have apps on my Blackberry from keeping up with the game the Boston Red Sox are playing, to an App to read QR codes, and everything in between.

So why do I mention apps today, here’s why.

Many of you know that one of my passion lies with helping people overcome sleep loss issues, and as a former Marine that includes veterans. Heck I even have a page dedicated to helping veterans get a better nights sleep at:

So when I came across this app that can help veterans with PTSD, I had to check it out.

If you have, or think you might have PTSD, this app is for you.

This app; called the “PTSD Coach” was developed and created by the VA’s National Center for PTSD and the DoD’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology.

Your family and friends can also educate themselves about PTSD from this app too.

With the PTSD Coach app you can learn how to manage symptoms associated with PTSD.

Some of the features of the app include:

* Reliable information on PTSD and treatments that work
* Tools for screening and tracking your symptoms
* Convenient, easy-to-use skills to help you handle stress symptoms
* Direct links to support and help
* Always with you when you need it

To download your FREE PTSD Coach App visit:


Android Users;

Together with professional medical treatment, PTSD Coach provides you dependable resources you can trust.


Trapper Sherwood; CMH
Certified Master Hypnotist

PS…Remember: PTSD is a serious mental health condition that often requires professional evaluation and treatment. PTSD Coach is not intended to replace needed professional care. The questionnaire used in PTSD Coach, the PTSD Checklist (PCL), is a reliable and valid self-report measure used across VA, DoD, and in the community, but it is not intended to replace professional evaluation.

Photo Credit: Cpl. Johnny Merkley

Are You Juggling This Too?


Between work, after school activities with the kids, being a wife/husband, or single parent let’s face it…it’s tough to juggle life!

And because we are trying to do it all, life and what we are trying to do can get cloudy, or as my dad use to say: “the waters of life can get pretty muddy.”

So today I have four quick tips to help you get control of the many stressors that can impact us every day.

By using these tips hopefully your stress level and any clutter issues you have will disappear.

1) Prioritize to put it simply; what are your priorities at home and at work? Set up short term and long term list. Lists are an awesome way to make sure you are meeting your goals. You can break your lists down to daily, weekly, monthly etc. Look at them on a regular basis to ensure you are on track.

2) Get organized as you know I admitted that I struggle with clutter, but here’s what I am now doing. When I check the mail, it’s now a “touch it once” technique. If it’s a bill to be paid, or its trash, it goes in the appropriate file. I am also taking a minimum of 15 minutes a day picking a room, and de-cluttering it by putting things in its place.

3) Manage Information Overload Are you a multi-tasker too? Do you find you are trying to speak to your children, talk or text on the cell phone, plus answer emails all while cooking dinner?  Stop it!  As a very good friend of mine says; “phones have voicemail for a reason; use it!” Set some specific time aside to go through your emails. Turn off ALL the electronic devices and spend quality time with the family.

4) Have some ME time. When was the last time you took some time for just yourself? Do you ever take an hour a day or a week to catch up with your friends, read a book or listen to some music? Sometimes while we are driving to & from work the quietness and solitude in our car can be exactly what we need to recharge our batteries.

So, with the help of these tips you can now start making small adjustments to help you overcome some of life’s little stressors that happen from time to time.

Also, to help you see things through the muddy water a little clearer I have recorded a FREE audio track for you. Nothing to sign up for, just visit: and download your FREE audio track.


Enjoy and thanks for reading.


How One Little Sentence Can Change Your Desires

We are what we think!

Many times we have often heard “We are what we think” or something close to that effect.

Well, I believe this to be true.

For an example take a man applying for a job. He fills his sub-conscious with thoughts of weakness and failure.
He goes in thinking, “This is useless, I’ll fail, they won’t want me, I’m too old, or, I have not had enough experience.”

His chances of getting the job are nil, probably less than nil.

Now, what if he would go in with a positive attitude, pouring into his subconscious mind suggestions such as:

“I am sure to get this job, I have the ability, I have the experience, I will succeed”; now he may not get the job,
other factors and considerations may rule him out; but his chances are ten to one over the other guy who goes in,
his subconscious mind poisoned with negative suggestions.

Ok, now that you understand how to change a negative into a positive, let’s move on.

As you know I have a history of dealing with and helping people that have experienced sleep loss and insomnia.

Let’s see if I can help you or someone else you know that might be losing sleep with one simple, positive sentence.

Because many people, perhaps yourself included are poisoning their thoughts before bedtime with negative thinking, and losing sleep, below is a simple sentence on how to overcome this.

“I will be very tired when you go to bed—while undressing I will become very sleepy—the moment my head touches the pillow my eyelids will be heavy—my arms and legs will be heavy—I will breathe deeply—I will immediately fall sound asleep and enjoy restful sleep throughout the night.”


See the full article on “Self Hypnosis For Sleep” and read how you can use this post-hypnotic suggestion for yourself. Click Here to Find Out

FYI…the above sentence can be used as a “Template” and modified for use by yourself in other areas that you may find any type of negativity “popping” up.

Now, I am a very results kinda guy, and I want you to experiment with the above phrase for yourself. Modify, try it on a few different thoughts that may be bothering you.

Bottom line, drop me a comment on here.

Love to know how you modified this sentence to help yourself, and of course your results.


Trapper Sherwood; CMH
Certified Master Hypnotist

PS… When we change a negative thought to a positive thought, good things happen. See the full article & try this sentence out for yourself. Click Here to Find Out