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stress — Trapper Sherwood

What Are The Side Effects Of Stress Relief Drugs?

Let’s face it, we live in a society that when many people get sick, the first thing that comes to mind is taking a couple of pills with water then everything will be alright.

Though this works in some cases, people who experience stress due to anxiety have to be careful since these medication may have certain side effects.

One example is when the person uses the drug Paxil to treat a anxiety stress disorder. According to a test done in different parts of the world, people who have depressive disorder will often experience side effects such as sweating, nausea, insomnia, tremor, ejaculatory disturbance and other genital disorders after taking this drug.

People who have obsessive compulsive behavior, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety and post traumatic stress will also experience side effects but only to a certain degree.

Xanax also has certain side effects. These include allergies, blurred vision, diarrhea, hyperventilation, difficulty in sleeping, painful menstruation, sexual dysfunction and weight gain or loss.

These will most likely happen when the person increases the dosage which is far more than that given by the doctor or when one doesn’t need the medicine anymore. Some doctors say these are the withdrawal symptoms the individual may experience when these no longer need to be prescribed to the patient.

Another more popular drug used to treat anxiety disorder is Buspar. Some patients have reported to experience the same side effects as those of Xanax. These also include constipation, numbness, speech difficulty, rapid heart rate, twitching, nervousness and muscle cramps.

The drugs available in the market should only be used on a short term basis. Since a lot of patients have shown to have experienced certain side effects, doctors recommend that the patient comes in first for a proper examination before being prescribed these medications.

Given the side effects of these drugs, some doctors recommend the use of natural or alternative forms of treatment. These include the use of herbs which can be inhaled or ingested which has shown to produce the same or better results without the side effects.

Two of these herbs are Kava and Valerian. The person will be able to get relief and feel relaxed similar to those when taking Valium or Xanax. This can also be mixed with other ingredients if the person doesn’t like the smell or the taste when this is being ingested.

People who don’t like natural herbs can try exercising instead. The person can either sweat this off in a gym or produce the same effects by doing some breathing exercises. The individual can go to the gym and do this or buy an instructional video which can be done at home.

Those who are too tired to drive to the facility or buy one off the shelf  can also relieve stress by getting a massage. The person can go to the gym and the beauty palor which have professionals and excellent facilities to treat people who suffer from anxiety stress.

The various treatments to treat anxiety stress should be able to relieve without any other pain in return. The best the doctor can do is change the prescription when this happens or try something new. The health professional should explain the pros and cons of each to the patient so the right one can be chosen.

Discover How To Awaken The Inner You Through Self-Hypnosis

The world we live in today has many people trying to multitask because of a lot of preoccupation. The internet and all of the electronic devices we carry around has made living faster yet complicated, it made interactions wider yet shorter, and it made communication easier yet brief. Despite so many distractions, there are also those who would like to get back to their original self and connect with it in the most basic possible means. One of ways to do this is through self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is defined as a “process involving a hypnotist and a subject who agrees to be hypnotized,” self-hypnosis is characterized by intense concentration, extreme relaxation, and high suggestibility to both parties.

Experts say that self-hypnosis is very versatile. In fact, its versatility can be quite unparalleled. Nowadays the sessions between the hypnotist and the subject can take place in common places such as clinics, showrooms, classrooms, and even to open spaces and establishments.

Some hypnotists may use self-hypnosis in order to recover suppressed memories of people who have had bad experiences and help them to overcome the problems that they are dealing with right now. Still other psychologists and hypnotherapists use hypnosis to discover hidden truths from a person’s ordinary consciousness. This is done by tapping into the unconscious state or mind where information are believed to dwell, but only if the client has given his or her prior approval.




Today, self-hypnosis is not only used for treating various behavioral problems but also for self-enhancement and improvement. If you would like to get into hypnosis or self-hypnosis, there are a few things you need to consider. Self-hypnosis is one of the excellent ways of taking control over one’s life.  In fact, it can be used as means of disciplining yourself if you want to achieve a specific goal. For some people, self-hypnosis is advisable if you want to achieve something and utmost dedication and discipline is needed. Hypnosis introduction can benefit those who would want to lose or gain weight, stop smoking, stress relief, those who want to boost their self-confidence, and those who would want to overcome their fears or phobias.

If you are planning to get a course on self-hypnosis, you can expect that it can teach you to:
reach your subconscious mind through bypassing your conscious mind, how to communicate with your subconscious mind, methods of creating your own hypnosis scripts and visualizations, how to design and use affirmations, the effects and use of symbols on the subconscious mind, how to understand which methods will be most effective for you personally, deepening your trance state and using visualizations, adapting to scripts to suit various problems, how to change your personal history and plan a more effective future and how to understand your dreams as well.

In the short term and long term, learning self-hypnosis can be very valuable to help you achieve whatever it is you so desire.

An Easy Guide To Managing Stress

Anxiety is a condition that is neither welcome nor enjoyable. This condition can effectively reduce a person’s productivity and ability to cope with various situations. Add to that the fact that periods of anxiety are uncomfortable and bring with it a host of nervous illnesses – palpitations, cold flushes, clammy hands, and a boiling sense of dread in the pit of the stomach among others.

While it has been the subject of many studies and researches, scientists are agreed that anxiety is still not fully understood even today. However, as a result of their researches, they have been able to help people effectively manage and avoid anxiety.

1. Avoid Stress – Stress is the greatest predisposing factor to anxiety attacks. If one is to avoid any anxiety-related illness, that person should reduce the amount of stressors experienced per day.

While not completely avoidable, one can at least create an environment where stress plays a lesser role on they body. Make sure you put the stressors that can be avoided away from your immediate vicinity. You could try lounging in an area that is peaceful and quiet.

You will be surprised at what a good five minutes of relaxation can do for a stressed-out body. You could also come up with good coping mechanisms for stress related issues. You could listen to soothing music, meditate, and do other relaxing activities.

2. Avoid Drinking and Other Substances – Studies have shown that various substances can predispose one to bouts of anxiety. These substances play around with the normal balance of chemicals in the brain, effectively increasing the chance one acquires anxiety illness.

While some people drink or take drugs to soothe their nerves it actually has a counter-effect that will discourage those that do so. Drugs for example can increase the release of a chemical called dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine is a chemical that is associated with pleasure in the body. While activities such as sex and eating good food increase dopamine release anywhere from two to three times, drugs haywire the brain and cause an increase in dopamine anywhere from four to ten times.

While this may seem like a good thing for some people, this sudden and unwarranted increase in dopamine can actually cause havoc to the chemical balance of the brain. And while it makes those that take them giddy for some time, when a person’s high wears off, the sudden loss of dopamine will induce a great amount of depression, stress, and anxiety.

3. Sleep Right – People need the right amount of sleep to retain a calm, restive demeanor. If you have noticed, you are usually a lot crankier and anxious the day after you pull an all-nighter. This is because sleep is a necessity for good health – physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Not only is the amount of sleep important, but the regular schedule for it as well. If possible keep your sleep patterns regular, as an irregular pattern can cause an undue amount of stress and anxiety.

4. Eat Right – The body needs certain nutrients to keep itself healthy. Not only does it need these nutrients for energy and building processes, it also needs certain nutrients to keep the chemical balance in the body at normal rates.

This makes the intake of healthy food important. The intake of the right kind of food is integral to the health and well-being of any person. Anxiety is, as studies have shown, directly related to diet.

Avoid taking food substances that can alter your body chemistry in the wrong way. Coffee and alcohol are some of the food stuffs that can play with one’s chemical balance and cause anxiety as well.

Are You Juggling This Too?


Between work, after school activities with the kids, being a wife/husband, or single parent let’s face it…it’s tough to juggle life!

And because we are trying to do it all, life and what we are trying to do can get cloudy, or as my dad use to say: “the waters of life can get pretty muddy.”

So today I have four quick tips to help you get control of the many stressors that can impact us every day.

By using these tips hopefully your stress level and any clutter issues you have will disappear.

1) Prioritize to put it simply; what are your priorities at home and at work? Set up short term and long term list. Lists are an awesome way to make sure you are meeting your goals. You can break your lists down to daily, weekly, monthly etc. Look at them on a regular basis to ensure you are on track.

2) Get organized as you know I admitted that I struggle with clutter, but here’s what I am now doing. When I check the mail, it’s now a “touch it once” technique. If it’s a bill to be paid, or its trash, it goes in the appropriate file. I am also taking a minimum of 15 minutes a day picking a room, and de-cluttering it by putting things in its place.

3) Manage Information Overload Are you a multi-tasker too? Do you find you are trying to speak to your children, talk or text on the cell phone, plus answer emails all while cooking dinner?  Stop it!  As a very good friend of mine says; “phones have voicemail for a reason; use it!” Set some specific time aside to go through your emails. Turn off ALL the electronic devices and spend quality time with the family.

4) Have some ME time. When was the last time you took some time for just yourself? Do you ever take an hour a day or a week to catch up with your friends, read a book or listen to some music? Sometimes while we are driving to & from work the quietness and solitude in our car can be exactly what we need to recharge our batteries.

So, with the help of these tips you can now start making small adjustments to help you overcome some of life’s little stressors that happen from time to time.

Also, to help you see things through the muddy water a little clearer I have recorded a FREE audio track for you. Nothing to sign up for, just visit: and download your FREE audio track.


Enjoy and thanks for reading.


Chasing Away The Winter Blues


During the long, cold, dreary winter months, some people get The Winter Doldrums, the blues, or just feel blah!

Webster’s Dictionary defines Doldrums as…”A period of listlessness or despondency”

Have you ever felt that way?

But, keep reading, I want you to be aware that I have a solution for you!

As the old saying goes “Sometimes it is darkest before dawn”, and the winter we have been experiencing all over the globe this year, sure does make that statement appear that it was made for this winter. Maybe they should have said “It’s Coldest just before Spring.”

Because so many people I have talked to lately seem to have those winter blah’s, I ventured into the world famous TrapWood Studio’s and have recorded another peaceful and relaxing hypnotic audio for you.

If you’ll remember, recently I put together a quick audio to help you remove stress & tension, and this one goes hand in hand with it.

What I have done is take winter imagines, and instead of looking at winter as an enemy, I have turned winter around to be your friend with serene music, and images that will have you enjoying the winter months like you are out dancing in new falling snow.

I call my latest meditative audio “Peaceful Snowfall.”

You can download it or listen to it for FREE right here… [display_podcast]

I know this winter has been tough on you, it’s been tough on me too, trust me; (I use my own audios to help me get through these long, cold winter days too), so go ahead, treat yourself, download this FREE 15 minute audio.

Enjoy some time for yourself, and use this audio and the peaceful scenic imagery to get relaxed, remove some stress and tension and cruise on through the last part of these winter months.

Go ahead, you deserve it.

Remember; download or listen right now to your FREE audio track at

It’s my gift to you for enduring this brutal winter. Shake off the Winter Blue’s and feel re-energized with this audio!


Trapper Sherwood; CMH

PS…If you want to enjoy more peaceful meditation and time alone, you must let me take you on your perfect vacation with our Mind Vacation Meditation audio. You can purchase and download your copy at You’re halfway there right now to more calmness, peacefulness, and stress relief in your life, all you have to do is click this link to achieve it =>

Quick and Easy Stress Relief Tip

Stressed Guy

Ever been stressed or filled with tension while driving?

Want a simple and easy solution I have found to ease that stress and tension?

Good, I want to share with you an audio I recently put together.

It’s FREE, and I think you will find it helpful.

Wednesday afternoon of  last week we had some wicked winter weather swoop in on us.

In a matter of an hour or so 2 inches of snow was blanketing the roads of Middle Tennessee where I live.

Driving home in it was not that big of a deal to me,  growing up in NH where I am originally from I remember snow, lots of it and also driving in snow.

But, it’s the “other” guys I worry about in situations like that.

As I was making my way back home through the snow covered roads, and cars speeding by me at insane speeds for that type of weather, (did I mention that here in Middle TN they do not use sand or salt on the roads?) anyways, I noticed a couple times I was getting a bit tense; you know teeth clenched, hands tightening on the steering wheel, perhaps this has happened to you.

When I felt these changes come on I started doing some easy techniques I remembered about dealing with stress.

I’m not sure how you deal with stressful situations, but I wanted to give you a couple easy steps on relieving stress, so I sat down and recorded this quick three minute audio.

Nothing to sign up for, just visit and discover a quick and easy solution to wash away your tension, stress, even anger.

Or listen right here [display_podcast]

I have also included at the bottom of this post a link called “Stress Relief Tips” of the slide show presentation I put together with this audio.

Enjoy your audio, practice these techniques, and have a wonderful day.


Trapper Sherwood; CMH
Certified Master Hypnotist

PS.. Just click on this link and download or listen to your audio on a quick & simple technique on reducing any stressful situation.

Stress Release Tips

Natural Stress Relief Interview

Greetings once again!

I have a wonderful announcement for today’s podcast!

An interview!

Chuck Pennington (The Good Energy Guy) from interviewed me the other night on sleep, stress, and we even started out the show with my OUTRAGEOUS idea on how I first started promoting my business at the first Pat O’Bryan Unseminar I went to.

From there we went into some natural stress relief techniques and even a specific set of “Skill Sets” you must have to be able to bring that much needed relief from the killer known as stress.

We also talked about that lack of sleep while traveling could be a limiting belief and what to do about that.

And then it got real interesting on why you should be watching ads on tv, what ones to watch, and can you really learn anything from them.

All in all we had a great time.

Chuck’s one of my best friends, and I was happy that he asked to interview me.

So click on the podcast link below, and listen in as we help remove some of your stress issues, and sleep loss issues.


Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood; CMH
Certified Master Hypnotist



Remove Your Stress And Sleep Better


How would you like to sleep better?

How would you like to remove or at least learn how to reduce your stress.

What if you could reduce your stress, sleep better, and not have to have a shot or a stress vaccine for it?

I vote for no more shots!

Maybe you do too.

In today’s podcast I discuss about an article I read about a neuroscience professor at Stanford named Dr Robert Sapolsky who after 30 years of studies has discovered a vaccine to help remove stress. So far it only has been used on rats, so no worries about rolling your sleeves up anytime soon.

But what if you could learn how to relax yourself, reduce your stress, and sleep better at night?

Would you want to listen in?

Check out today’s podcast where I talk about Dr Robert Sapolsky; the article about his stress vaccine, and guide you through a five minute relaxation session using hypnosis.



Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood; CMH
Certified Master Hypnotist